Managed Disaster Recovery Services

as a fundamental component of risk management, lexcom offers managed Disaster recovery services to deliver on your expectations for business continuity as it relates to it

How Much Downtime, Disruption and Data Loss Can Your Business REALLY Accept?

  • If you could get all your data back, have you considered the productivity and lost opportunity cost of downtime if your business is disrupted for 1 hour? 4 Hours, 1 day, 3 days, a Week, 2 weeks? 
  • How much data can you afford to lose? Do you deal with transactions that cannot be easily re-entered? Orders that need to be fulfilled? What would the cost be on your brand? Reputation? Financial Cost to Re-Enter?
  • Do you have a formal execution plan to get your business back up and running if your IT guy is not available?
  • Do you follow the same strategy for key applications as the less important ones?
  • When was the last time you actually performed a recovery? Were you able to get your information back? How much data loss was there? How long did it take to recover?

Now, Is It Time To ReThink Your Strategy?

"for years, We Had Been Managing Our Backups Ourselves Using Windows Backup. Lexcom Told Us Over and Over To Keep It Offsite and We Didn't Listen.

One Night, We Had A Lightning Strike and It Fried Our Server And The Connected External Hard Drive.

I contacted Lexcom In a Panic and They Were Able To Send The Hard drive Away To A Data Recovery Company. $15,000 Later I Got Everything Back.

We Thought We Were Saving Money, But In the End We Almost Went Out of Business. Now I Buy Lexcom's Disaster Recovery Service."

- Accounting firm