Service Desk & Onsite IT Support Services

highly qualified, responsive, and friendly. lexcom raises the bar with the the best it support services

We Offer Comprehensive IT Support Services

6 Ways Lexcom Will Help You Solve Gaps In IT Coverage

  • We offer Monday - Friday 8AM - 5PM General Support Hours Staffed For Responsive IT Support.
  • For Businesses That Work After Hours We Offer After Hour Support On Evenings and Weekends.
  • For Businesses That Have Some Internal IT expertise, We work hand in hand with them to bring structure to IT and the added resourcing to help them be successful.
  • Our operations team has experience with desktops, networks, servers, cloud computing, application performance issues, databases and development. There are very few problems we cannot help with.
  • We have a significant number of best practice design to help solve those recurring issues once and for all.
  • We have invested in state of the art tools to improve response times and get you back to work quickly.

See How We Track Service And Support To Help You Better Understand Your Employees And Find Areas Of Improvement

"for years, Continual Network Issues were a major limitation to expanding my business. lexcom was so confident that they could solve my issue that i was a bit skeptical because my previous two providers promised the same and Nothing Changed. I dealt with all the same issues.

when i finally pulled the trigger, they didn't disappoint. they quickly identified the problem and within a couple of weeks of taking their advice we were problem free.

they really know their stuff."

- Jason Farrell
President, Farrell Agencies

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How Lexcom Uses Business Intelligence to Improve Your Productivity

Why Tracking Service & Support Calls Is Critical To Your Continual Improvement?

We have the information needed to see which areas of the business employees have problems with and make recommendations.

Every time a service call gets generated it means that one of your employees productivity has been impacted. We track every service call and categorize them so we can help identify common issues that could be solved with additional training.

We have the ability to see which services are problematic and causing impact to your operations.

When there are disruptions to your business they are often caused by components that have failed, reached their limits or a result of a design related issue. By collecting data about problem areas we can help get to the root cause of a problem and solve the issues for good.

We can see which components may need to be replaced and hold vendors accountable

We all like to get the most out of our equipment but sometimes the age of the equipment becomes a problem. Tracking issues back to equipment can help identify aging components that have past their useful days. It can also help us hold vendors accountable for products that simply do not work as advertised.

Lexcom Can Show You How To Do IT The RIGHT Way...

For many companies, information technology is a problem that they struggle with continually. Hiring internal IT may work for a while, but can become problematic when staff leave, go on vacation or lack the skill sets needed to support everything.

Many companies turn to IT managed services providers only to find that the services don't address the core needs of the business and everything out of scope quickly adds up. This model works for the managed service provider BUT NOT THE BUSINESS OWNER!
Best Managed Technology Systems is Lexcom's solution to IT Managed Services provide the focus, support and responsiveness of an internal IT resource with the wide range of skills needed to support today's technology systems.

Our clients are typically organizations 15 - 500 employees that are strategically using information technology in their organizations and have a greater need than just break/fix computer support.