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What size of organizations do you typically work with?

We currently work with a wide range of companies, however the level of service we provide typically makes the most sense financially for organizations with 20+ employees as the financial cost of disruption is less than proactively maintaining their IT systems.

What differentiates Lexcoms Best Managed Technology Systems from other providers?

Lexcom developed The Best Managed Technology System specifically designed to align to the specific needs of an organization by clearly outlining the exact specifications that an organization is looking to accomplish. We work with a management to clearly understand their business, the impact IT systems can have on the business model, where they are in their business life cycle and then develop a strategy to help them meet their objectives.

Our program is broken down into 3 main components:

1) Business Strategy

2) Technology Services

3) Risk Management

Our systematic approach to service delivery allows a business owner to focus on the critical concerns of the moment and evolve that system as their organization grows. As all owners know, what you needed when you first started your business is significantly different than when you are fully established.

I currently have an IT provider. Can you make sure that they are doing a good job?

While many companies currently have an existing IT service provider it is always good practice to make sure that you have an understanding of the work that they are (or are not) performing. We offer comprehensive audits against the best managed technology systems standard to clearly outline your points of risk. At that point, we will provide you a full report with the audit results and you may make your choice based on your goals and how you value your business information.

I have a limited budget for IT services. How does the program adapt to fit my needs?

Our audit system offers a full x-ray of your IT for free. After that, we are able to walk with you for a fit-for-purpose application. Contact us and we'll be able to understand more of your current situation, in order to provide a better assessment.

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Lexcom is one of the most trusted and valued management consulting and IT consulting providers for small to medium sized enterprises. With a network of over 100+ IT consultants servicing the Southern U.S. and Western Canada – We will get you RESULTS!

If you are questioning the value of your investment in information technology, suffer from continual outages that impact your operations, or are wondering if your business is as secure and protected from cyber threats as it should be. Whatever your reason, however big or small your problem is, we GUARANTEE that we can help.